The Meanings Of Mood Ring Colors

You have made the purchase, now you just need to know the mood ring color meanings. If you are one of the thousands of people who live and swear by these lovely, heat and emotion sensitive pieces of jewelry, then you probably already know the colors. If, however, you happen to be new to the wonderful world of mood rings, or you have not been part of it for some time, then a brush up may be in order. In either case, the world of colors and their meanings awaits you.

Black, as one might guess, indicates anxiety and unhappiness. A black day is a day you may wish to stay inside. Or, conversely, if the problem is inside it may be a day to go out and have a personal day.

Yellow, despite its cheery reputation, means strained. Now, strained can be a difficult emotion to define. An example of strained, for those who need a little clarification, would be the intense desire to smack the annoying person behind you.

Red, once more contrary to the feeling you would naturally attribute to it, shows that you are unsettled. Whether you had that dream again, or find uncomfortable thoughts occupying your mind, your color is likely to be red.

Dark green is indicative of mixed emotions. Now, everyone has those a time or two. It is like those "I love you, but I hate you" moments.

Lighter green, on the other hand, is neutral. You are neither happy nor sad, calm, nor angry. It means you do not truly care either way.

Light blue is love. The emotion we all want to have someone feel for us. If your ring is light blue, your life is good.

Dark blue indicates relaxation. Yoga should evoke this color.

Finally, there is purple. Purple shows passionate and happy. You should see this color if you are in the presence of the one you love, or if you are discussing something you are passionate about with people you enjoy.

Whatever color your ring is, it is good to know the mood ring color meanings. For that matter, even if you do not own one it can be good to know the meanings. Just in case you run across someone who does. Though you may find the idea of a mood indicating ring silly, there are people who live by them, and there is some science behind their color-changing abilities. Maybe you should try one.